Celebrate the liturgical year!

What is the liturgical year? ​ The liturgical year is different from the calendar year. The calendar year is a sequence of dates, a way to talk about historical time and events. The liturgical year, on the other hand, is a way of organizing and talking about the events that define our spiritual lives in the Christian faith. ​ These events are organized around the story of Jesus--including God's plan to send a Savior, the birth of Jesus, his life and teachings, his death and resurrection, the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the growth of the community of faith, the church. The liturgical year organizes us to recall and commemorate these central events as well as to practice living out the jour

Soul Care?

Most people have probably never heard these two words, "soul care," placed together. When and if we consider what self care means in the midst of our daily lives, our soul often gets overlooked. Yet acknowledgment of the reality that God made us spiritual beings should make us ask, "how can I care for my soul?" Soul Care 101 involves stepping back from the things in your everyday world that demand your constant attention, and focusing for a little while on the God who created you. Do you experience God in your everyday living? Where is he doing something in your life? Do you talk to him? Do you stop to notice him or pay attention to what he might be saying to you? Soul care means tending to