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Spiritual Direction with Amy offers a safe place to explore your spiritual questions and to deepen your relationship with God. Amy is a Christocentric, Trinitarian spiritual director who practices spiritual direction with individuals and groups. 

A spiritual director is trained to listen to your story. A director looks for the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and helps you to respond to God's invitation to deeper relationship.

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A Spiritual Companion

Spiritual Direction sessions are:

  • one hour, usually once or twice a month​

  • one-on-one, confidential

  • in person, or online via video conferencing (Zoom)

  • $70 for an individual session

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Your relationship with God may present uncertainties, doubts, or practical concerns.

Spiritual Direction is a place to address questions about spiritual life, like...

  • How can I experience God in my everyday life?

  • How do I know God's will for me in my particular situations?

  • Why does God seem far away?

  • Why don't I want what I think God wants for me?

Would I benefit from spiritual direction?

  • Do you want to grow in your relationship with God?

  • Have you felt something is missing in your spiritual life?

  • Do you think you are experiencing spiritual depression/apathy (dark night of the soul)?

  • Do you feel stuck, spiritually? Do you lack spiritual vitality? Do you feel spiritually "flat"?

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You may find spiritual direction helpful if

  • you feel stuck in your spiritual growth or prayer life

  • you have been in ministry and feel drained or wonder if God is still working through you, and you feel like you are just going through the motions

  • you have been hurt by the church or those who were supposed to be your spiritual guides. or have experienced moral injury

  • you are questioning important aspects of your faith or relationship with God

  • you are not feeling God's presence in your life, even though you are seeking him and have been in relationship with him

  • you are in a place of doubting your faith or spiritual darkness

  • you want to go deeper in your walk with God

  • you want to integrate your faith into other areas of your life but don't know how

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